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October 31, 2021 2 min read

In Heritage Departures, we’ve really leaned into art and décor – that which we’ve created and that which we’ve collected, sometimes over decades. From portraits to pyrography and taxidermy to tramp art, and vintage furniture finds turned into limited edition custom creations, we love that our Wolf Pack is embracing putting a southwestern stamp on their surroundings.

One of the unique things that made an appearance in the Adirondacks catalog was a series of vintage quilts.

“The quilts that we featured alongside this collection are actually quilts I’ve had in our DDR Design Archive for, gosh, decades, probably,” Cheryl said. “In fact, these particular ones I distinctly remember collecting as part of my inspiration for the old school block quilt that we introduced 20-plus years ago! I’ll have to see if I can find you a picture of that one.”

While these all have a very vintage feel to them and some traditional techniques, they are – as tends to be an inherent quality of quilts – essentially one of a kind.

“Well, these aren’t technically true ‘crazy quilts’,” Cheryl explained. “But they do have a hint of that aesthetic and they are similar in that they’re velvet patches and brocade and have that variation of pattern and print. I believe all of these have a cotton ticking backing, like you’d expect. We’re actually going to be listing some more quilts from our collection on the site soon, as soon as we’re able to get them photographed. Funny story, to tell you the truth, I really only brought these along for Adirondacks as props for the photoshoot and I intended to keep them, but Audrey put her foot down.”

“Well then what were you gonna do with them, Cheryl?” Audrey laughed. “Package them back up and stick’em right back in storage for another 20 years? No. Stage them, shoot them, sell them. Let someone who might actually enjoy them – or at least get them out more than once a decade! – take them home.”

She’s got a point. All we know is with this little burst of cool front, we really want to wrap up in one by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa and a good book! 

(P.S. If you’re looking for one you love, keep checking back – as we dig our way through the design archives, we’ll be offering more and more of these beauties!)

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