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by Halley Sanford August 29, 2021 2 min read

Y’all know we’ve never been one to chase a trend, but we diligently study them (okay, Cheryl does), and this particular trend is one that really interested us: floor pillows.

“To tell you the truth, the fact that floor pillows – these just really oversized pillows that could be used as cushions to sit on, on the floor, like the name implies – the fact that they were rapidly gaining in popularity and demand, I found it interesting but not all that surprising,” Cheryl said. “Think about it, we’ve essentially spent the last – what, 18 months? – inside our homes. We have probably given more thought than ever to our surroundings. We’ve been nesting in a way that is new to a lot of people; those ultra-busy types, or people who typically travel a lot for work, and had to sit still in one place for the first time. Floor pillows are inherently comforting and inviting, and those are two things I think most people crave these days: comfort and company.”

Floor pillows can vary as much as any other décor, but universally, they’re big. Big enough to sit on. Ours are 36” x 36”, so 3-feet by 3-feet, and believe me, we didn’t skimp -- they’re all filled with goose down forms so they’re extra soft and squishy! While we have some neutrals, some hopsack options, most are crafted in custom DDR fabrics, like the serapes we’ve designed and created throughout the years. And at 36”, while they can certainly serve their namesake purpose and provide extra seating around the living room when you have more guests than chairs, they can also serve simply as décor – on a king-sized bed or as the backing on a big bench. Pillows have been the number one request in terms of our DDR Home collection, and it felt important to bring you a variety of styles, shapes, and yes, sizes.

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