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June 17, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

Collage. Mosaic. Stained glass. There’s an undeniable aesthetic appeal to piecing together things in order to make a bigger, grander, different thing entirely.

Quilting came naturally to this collection. In farmhouses and ranch lifestyle, for us at least, quilts abound. From the barns to the bunkhouse to the end of your bed, they were an unintentional tapestry of our upbringing, and we gave the conventional quilt a crisp and colorful nod in one of our favorite Hay Babies tees.

But we also interpreted quilting as a visual verb, in an ultra-upscale chic sense. This season’s signature print is reminiscent of a series of luxury silk scarves, in pretty palettes and recognizing individual elements of the equestrian lifestyle, all metaphorically stitched together in a modern mosaic. It’s colorful and collaborative in a way that is intrinsically appreciated as so much more than simply a sum of all its parts.

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kris M
kris M

June 21, 2023

Love his hay baby set as munch as the Hay babies! Really great colors and fun angles! love the horses…Great job Ladies

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