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September 19, 2021 2 min read

Collection after collection, one question comes up time and time again… “How does Cheryl come up with all this stuff?!”

To be fair, it’s a good question and we ask ourselves the same thing fairly often. (Especially Hedy, who has to make all the wild whims come true.) For Yellowstone’s signature print, Flora & Fauna, the origin story is simpler than you might imagine: a good old-fashioned paint-by-number.

“It wasn’t a particular paint-by-number,” Cheryl said. “But that was the style we were going for. It’s actually a pretty sophisticated design technique that has an intentionally ‘dumbed-down’ aesthetic, for lack of a better term. It is very flat, very 2D, but still feels somewhat portrait-like. Kristin [Klier] really did a great job on this print; I’m very proud of it and very proud of her for what she created from what I gave her. As is always the case, I had accumulated clips and digital files or whatever, and I tasked her with making it not only fit the color scheme of the collection, but also elevating it to a DDR level of elegance, ya know? We didn’t want you to feel like you were putting on hunting gear, it needed to be upscale outdoorsy-ness. And she nailed it, it’s gorgeous.”

To top it off, we put it in unique silhouettes with a high-fashion feel. The Flora & Fauna Dress has subtle gathered tiers, cuffed sleeves, and that chic tie accented the V-neck. The Flora & Fauna Blouse (a term we really don’t use very often) has a crisp pleated front that makes the print almost an abstract, and decorative custom brass concho buttons; it’s a perfect fit from brunch to the boardroom and beyond.

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