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May 15, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Thinking about adding a jewelry junket to your agenda? Well, we’ve been on a few (dozen) in our day, and here’s our expert – or at least experienced – advice on suggested supplies for your sojourn.

Magnifying Loop: We’re not evaluating diamonds here, but southwestern statement pieces can be an investment and before you drop some dough, you’d be wise to check for damage/looseness to the bezels and examine the stones for chips, cracks, or possible replacements that may not be authentic to the original.

Tape Measure: This is particularly helpful when browsing for belts, but it’s also handy for sizing specimen stones when you’re valuating that big bolo or belt buckle.

Hallmark Reference Guide: This may seem over-the-top for your average shopper, but we can’t overemphasize the advantage of being informed. You may discover a deal or avoid being oversold.

Bags for your bounty: If the plan is to buy several smaller pieces, we like to take baggies to keep it all sorted and separate until we can organize it in our Treasure Chest. But if you’re looking to go big before you go home, you’re going to want to protect that prized possession; our Turquoise Travel Series is designed specifically to safely secure southwestern styles.

A good friend who ‘gets it’: Adventures are always more fun with good company, but if you’re serious about scoring some southwestern statement pieces, you endeavor will be a lot more enjoyable with a cohort who has patience for the hunt.

And last but not least, pack that pocketbook!

BONUS TIP FROM CHERYL: “Another thing I was thinking about is acetone & Q-tips - check to make sure the turquoise is genuine and not dyed. You can't rely on this 100% of the time because there are good imitations now, but it will definitely help you spot a bad imposter.”

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May 15, 2022

I too love turquoise. My first piece was a gift from my husband of 44 years. A Tommy Singer cuff he picked up in Tucson in 1976! Still year it today. Loved it before I knew it was Tommy Singer and even more now as a collector. My grand daughter says if it’s got turquoise it’s for Grammy!
Love Alice in all her turquoise jewelry! Have a beautiful turquoise summer!

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