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May 07, 2023 1 min read

How many ways can you really reimagine red-white-and-blue? The possibilities are as infinite as the universe, my friend.

Nothing says summer like the Stars and Stripes. From Memorial Day barbecues to Fourth of July parades, rocking your red, white, and blue just feels right. We’ve put a twangy twist on the traditional by shifting the shades to a powdery blue and a fiery red and giving the overall aesthetic a vibe that feels simultaneously retro and futuristic. And of course, we couldn’t forget the flag! Throughout the embroidery and embellishments of this collection, you’ll find nods to the iconic image of planting Old Glory on the moon.

It's patriotic with a punch, a fresh take on Star-Spangled style.

“The main shift this season is on the shades of red and blue,” explained Cheryl. “When you picture a patriotic palette, it’s more of a royal blue, even navy, and a rich red with blue undertones, like a scarlet or crimson. In Throwback, we made it more electric, with a brighter icy blue, like ‘70s eyeshadow almost, and a fiery red with more orange undertones. It still has that familiar feel, but it’s more lively and definitely more retro.”

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