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January 07, 2024 3 min read

The end of the year is a time for reminiscing and reflecting, and we're in our feels thinking about 2023. It was good to us and we're so grateful. Without our Wolf Pack's unwavering support, nothing we achieved this year would have been possible. We are so lucky to do what we do and share all these amazing DDR memories with you.

Now, let's look back at our 2023 highlights…

We Went Far Out West

For our first four collections of the year, we took a trip way back in time - and space! The Billy The Kid collection saw us embrace an outlaw attitude (and the color lavender), while the Desert Desperados collection made us fall in love with Dolan Geiman's collages all over again. He even made us our own custom DDR senorita and of course, ya'll went crazy for her!

We decided going way out West wasn't enough, so 2023 was the year DDR conquered space too! We did a photoshoot on the moon (kinda…) for the Throwback To The Future collection and celebrated the Fourth in classic Western style. We partnered with Chad Isham and his wife Zuza for our Hay Babies collection and did a whole load of lovin' on horses. In short - we had a hoot!

We Held Another Mothership Meetup

The annual Addition meetup happened in July this year and my oh my did you gals show up and show out! Y'all shook up Yoakum with your great outfits and helped us celebrate each collection of the year so far with special designated events. We won't be forgettin' Billy Bingo or 2 Country 4 Nashville taking to the stage anytime soon! We know more lifelong friends were made and so much fun was had. We're countin' down till the next one.

We Hosted Some Big Parties

We love us a party, and this year we hosted two very special ones in Ft Worth. The first was the Cowboys and Indians magazine cover reveal for Mo Brings Plenty, star of Yellowstone. DDR can do Hollywood too ya know!

The second was for our one year store anniversary. Of course, the Wolf Pack came out in full force to watch our fashion show and see icon Tanya Tucker perform. We took y'all to the rodeo with us (we were obviously the best dressed section) and there ribbon cutting, toasts, signings and plenty of dancing. A good time was most definitely had by all!

We Played Well With Others

For our remaining four collections of 2023 we were big on collaborations. Bruce Lee Webb and Bobby Kerr helped make Cowpoke U a real hit, and Untamed Territory took y'alls breath away thanks to the stunning horses and buggies we borrowed from Dennis Moore for the shoot. For Old Country we paid homage to Romani gypsies and their unique culture and for our Cowgirls collection we teamed up with the Cowgirls Hall of Fame museum in Ft Worth to celebrate women with that wild, wild spirit!

We Launched Silver Label

2023 was also the year we took luxury to the next level, as we launched Silver Labe which features the most elegant pieces we’ve ever made. The limited edition styles are crafted from premium materials like exotic skins and sumptuous furs and each design is individually tagged and extra special. You can still shop it now… Just sayin'.

We Fell Even More In Love With Lainey Wilson

As the sisters were in the Fort Worth store prepping for the Cowgirl Hall of Fame event, who should walk in but Lainey Wilson. She took one look at DDR and was addicted - and we've been obsessed with her ever since. She's worn a bunch of our pieces to her shows and we can't wait to work with her more in 2024. Watch this space y'all.

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