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May 07, 2022 1 min read

We ourselves are not technically craftsmen, but we are creators, and we innately understand the importance of acknowledgement. Artists bare a little bit of their soul with every piece they put out for public consumption and their talent should be exalted. This is why we are so committed to the arduous task of educating you to the best of our ability about the origin of every piece of jewelry we offer; it’s simultaneously a passion and a duty.

When possible, we will let you know exactly who crafted it and anything else we may know about them, their signature styles, their providence, and any affiliation they may have with other renowned artisans, whether by lineage or tutelage. We’ve been at this a while, so some pieces we are able to instantly identify – like an Ondelacy original, a Kirk Smith, or an obvious Oscar Betz – and others we will research in a reference book that catalogs the known hallmarks of artisans in the industry.

Unfortunately, we’re not always able to determine the artisan as hallmarks have only become common practice relatively recently, in which case we’ll tell you everything we can about the era and area of origin.

And of course, we’ve made a concerted effort to provide a profile on each of our collaborating artists, because if you ask us, it matters who made it.

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