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August 07, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Eloise is a collection that is deeply personal to us and strongly tied to our childhoods, a place and time that was colored by our South Texas upbringing and Western roots. So many of the images and prints and patterns were inspired by things we can still see when we close our eyes, from Till Goodan to tooled leather.

A nod to the ‘age of Eloise’ – the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s & ‘70s – many of the visual elements of this collection have vintage vibes and hints of ranch life. And well, what is more retro-western than traditional tooled leather? Of course, we had to put our own DDR spin on it, which became the irresistible element of the Texas Destiny pieces.

“I think reimagining textures is something that is not necessarily exclusive to us, but is distinctly Double D,” Cheryl said. “We have really started to play with prints in unexpected applications. For instance, the bandana background on leather that we did a couple seasons back; you just don’t expect bandana’ed leather. Texas Destiny was a similar stretch. I had put a really pretty piece of tooled leather in my footprint – that’s what I call my very primitive gathering of colors and image inspirations before I start designing a collection – that was this beautiful traditional floral and scrolling, it was really well done, deep grooves, just really lovely. I didn’t know yet how I wanted to incorporate it; I knew I didn’t want to interpret it literally, tooled leather isn’t what we do, so then the idea of flattening it to 2D and making it a print happened. The way the team brought it to life in that coffee-washed denim blew me away; how subtle it is makes it that much more impressive.”

We’ve long said it – the dazzle is in the details! The Texas Destiny Jacket and the Texas Destiny Romper are a different breed of beautiful.

“This collection is an interesting hybrid in my mind,” Cheryl explained. “It’s a mix and a balance of the type of woman Eloise was and the type of woman she never got the chance to be. The Texas Destiny pieces are more true to the former, made to feel a little rugged, down-to-earth, ranch-ready. Which Eloise always was. The jacket is a personal favorite, because it has a Carhartt-meets-jean jacket vibe, both of which I’ve been known to wear about as much as my signature overalls, but it’s elevated by these elements of embroidery and applique, and given just a hintof femininity with that unique understated tooling print detail. Oh, and the romper? I guess we either really got it right or we’ve really encouraged you out of your comfort zones and into rompers, because this little baby is a fan favorite! I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re almost sold out of them by the time this article even gets published.”

You’re in luck, they’re not – yet – but they were definitely among the top things tried on at the Mothership last week, so if you’re on the fence about it, you might want to go ahead and romp on over to the “Add to Cart” side!

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

August 07, 2022

This back story of how you got to this is so amazing, as the pieces you are pointing out!! So wish I could have seen it for myself💞

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