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September 17, 2022 2 min read

The word “cowgirl” really conjures up some cool, tough, even sexy vibes. The word “cow”? Not so much. But it stands to reason that if cattlemen were king, then cattle were key, and what’s an homage to an 1800s cattle driver without working some into the designs?

Walker had to have longhorns,” Cheryl said. “From the Jo Mora images that inspired some of the prints in this collection, to the almost majestic longhorns in the Stockman’s Bill of Sale, it was just something that was paramount to this collection. They’re so symbolic of Texas, of the cowboy way of life, of the main theme of Walker Riddle’s legacy. Longhorns – and cattle in general, really – were key components of what I wanted this collection to convey.”

Longhorns do have a majesty to them, don’t they? There’s something powerful and enchanting about those massively wide horns that are strangely symmetrical and seem to defy the physics. And their gait, so steady and deliberate, like Stockyards swagger. It’s hard to define, but longhorns just evoke a certain emotion and have an undeniable aesthetic appeal. That’s why you see them immortalized in belt buckles, bolos, and boots for decades, and in this collection, brought to life in jean jackets and custom prints. You have to admit, there’s just a chic sexiness that makes you feel like a badass when you’re rocking a longhorn.

And while they’re certainly the less-sexy cow cousin, you also can’t deny that even a Hereford brings a hearty down-home retro Western vibe to a look. They’ve got this hefty, substantial presence and this aura of admirable but also intimidating. They feel true to the real nitty-gritty side of being a cattleman, the hard work of raising, weaning, branding, and eventually herding these 1200-lb creatures. You see one, and you immediately think, “ranch life”.

Herefords have an identity all their own,” Cheryl said. “They’re handsome animals. They’re strong, and they’re recognizable, and they have certainly claimed a place in the realm of western wear. Our Cowichan Cardigan would be a completely different look with anything else on the back. And look at Helen and Lincoln [Zunie], almost all of their famous inlay is either of a horse or a Hereford. They’re definitely a different vibe than a longhorn, but they’re majestic, too, in their own right.”

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