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October 03, 2021 4 min read

In every collection, we each have a few pieces that really speak to us, that we feel like will be the “stars” of the collection. Sometimes they’re obvious statement-makers, like, for instance, the Outdoor Sportsman Jacket or the American Heritage Jacket. But then there are the ones that are unexpected favorites; perhaps they’re a piece we took a risk on or is kind of outside-the-box for us, or perhaps they’re just pieces that aren’t over-the-top flashy, but we just really love. It’s a conversation on almost every photoshoot or as we lay out the catalog – we declare our “sleepers”, un-obvious personal favorites that we think may or may not make a splash out of the gate but may surprise us in the end. And it never fails, every McMullen sister has a different “dark horse darling”.

Here’s your fly-on-the-wall invitation to the DDR dialogue about Yellowstone “sleepers”, by category:



Cheryl: “Mine’s Roosevelt’s Ranger Jacket, easy. I think it’s absolutely beautiful – I still can’t get over how gorgeous that deep brown leather is – but I’m interested to see how it’s received. It was a huge hit last time we created one a few years back, but man, we have so many gorgeous jackets in Yellowstone – this one is my gambler, I think. It’s definitely my favorite. And that pic of Lozzie wearing it with the waders in the river is definitely going to get it some attention!”


Audrey: “You know what I think will be the sneaky stunner in Yellowstone? The Switchback Jacket. It’s subtle, but still very chic. I can easily see it becoming a staple in a lot of closets. It’s lightweight, too, which matters in our neck of the woods. There is just a simple beauty about it, it’s my personal favorite.”


Hedy: “I hate having to pick a favorite of anything – it’s too much pressure! But I will say, because I’m on the production side of things, I love when a piece we loved on paper but weren’t really sure would work in actuality, comes in and is awesome. So, I have to say the Sheridan Creek Jacket. I love that we did the denim in olive rather than indigo, it really made the studding work, and I’m always impressed with the embroidery. And the raw edges, because I’m a little rough around the edges myself!”



Cheryl: “I don’t know if I can call it a dark horse because I know it’s going to be popular, but if you’re just asking my favorite, it’s the Flora and Fauna, hands down. The colors, the complexity, the flattened paint-by-number aesthetic – everything. It just works. It’s beautiful.”


Audrey: “Western Trails. Love the red. I really like the dress – love that tie at the neck – but I also love it in the pearl snap workshirt. I don’t know, there’s just something classic about it. I think it’s timeless.”


Hedy: “Are you kidding me?! The Yellowstone Camp Blanket! For crying out loud, we made dang near anything you could possibly make out of it – jackets, blankets, a chair. C’mon, it’s not even a contest, this is the pattern of the collection.”



Cheryl: “Hmmm… that’s a hard one. There are a lot of fabulous accessories in this collection, a lot of great jewelry, but I’ll go with one we created: the Wapiti Valley Hat. There are lots of really subtle details that contribute to the overall awesomeness of this hat. I love the color, for starters, and then the tattooing of elk images, and it’s trimmed in camo, which is unique and cool. But the hatband, that’s what makes it my favorite, I think; not only did we stick a feather and an actual elk antler tip in it, the grosgrain ribbon is adorned with a tiny compass!”


Audrey: “I’ve got to go with a bolo. There are two that I really obsessed over on this shoot: one gorgeous one by Joe Maquino and Augustine Lovato, I can’t get over the coloring of the turquoise stone; and then another slab stone one that we styled with so many outfits in Yellowstone, I like how flat it lays and I love the lighter leather cord.”


Hedy: “I’m a big fan of the Charlie Favour cuffs we’ve started carrying. I love his style, love the leather lining. A lot of his cuffs are unisex – Jack actually has a couple, I think – but there is one wider one that is so unbelievably beautiful, it’s unreal. The most vibrant stones I think I’ve ever seen. I’m trying to come up with an excuse to treat myself. Or better yet, talk my sisters into getting it for me – how many days until my birthday?”

So, what do you think? What are your unexpected favorites or absolute must-haves from Yellowstone?

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