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January 29, 2023 2 min read

Time to set your sights on this pretty pastel, because a hue dubbed “digital lavender” has been appellated by industry experts as the color of the year.

Lavender – the flower and the color – have long signified a sense of soothing, even sleep, and its pervasive presence in fashion is an advancing evolution of dopamine dressing. The initial phase, the intense neons, was meant to invigorate and energize, to jolt us into the excitement of being out and about again. This phase, led by lavender, aims to evoke calm and comfort, to help you feel grounded and equip you with an attitude that says “you got this!” Because, girl, you do.

“So much more goes into concepting and creating a collection than I think most people realize,” explained Cheryl. “If you’ve ever seen ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, there’s that whole monologue by Meryl Streep about cerulean, and while Miranda Priestly is conveyed as quite condescending about it, there is a lot of truth to it. There is truly a science to style, and it’s fascinating that it’s forecastable; there are experts of the industry who interpret all these anthropological elements and events and societal influences, and from that, can fairly accurately predict what people will be drawn to in terms of fashion. And then armed with that information, the onus is on us, as designers, to determine how that authentically integrates into our aesthetic and applies to our audience. Not every trend is for everyone!”

All that is to say, apparel doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, trend reports – which Cheryl studies and explores with zeal, pretty sure it’s a personal passion and pastime for her – actually add a layer of complexity to the creative process, because every trend isn’t for everyone.

“A big part of the process is digesting what’s coming down the pipeline and determining how it works for Double D Ranch,” she said. “We do not ‘chase trends’, we are not fast fashion, so it’s imperative that our designs are both en vogue and evergreen. And I think that’s part of the invigorating challenge of design, staying relevant and staying true to our roots at the same time. For instance, at first blush, lavender doesn’t exactly scream cowgirl or outlaw, but when you dig into the subtle calm strength it represents, it does speak to – and for – our audience.”

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