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November 05, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

With a collection this luxe, you’ve got to level up your look a little! Lisa Martensen shares a few of her products and pro tips for achieving this old-school aesthetic.

“I was going for old school Eastern European, Scandinavian vibes,” Lisa explained. “Nothing ultra-modern or edgy; demure and feminine, so rosey cheeks and rouged lips. More pink hues than we’ve done in a while, but you’ll see how they come across classic and play up well with the paisley and jewel tones of the collection.”


Beauty Blender The Leveler, Hourglass Concealer

“You want to smooth out imperfections, cover any problem spots like blemishes or like with Kaylin, sometimes when we shoot outside, the tip of her nose gets red, so blend things like that, but avoid a full face of foundation if you can.”


Matte brown shadow

“You guessed it – furry and blurry! If you’ve followed any of my tutorials over the last few years, you’ve likely already found a shadow that works for you. My tips here are use matte shadow that’s a shade darker than your natural brow – it probably goes without saying, but do not use anything with a glitter or shimmer, it will have an unnatural shine to it and it will undoubtedly catch the light when you don’t want it to. Also, apply it with a flat brush, it’ll give you more control over the pigment; you don’t want a harsh line, but you don’t want a hot mess either!”


Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

“The color you want is a matte neutral beige-ish mauve, if that makes sense. I’m known to layer and blend shadows to get the hue I’m looking for, so if you can find a palette that has both or spans that end of the spectrum, you can experiment and find a hue that works with your skin tone. Avoid going too pink, you want to complement your rosy cheeks not match them. Do your lid and then use a flat brush to line just a little underneath the eye, skip the actual eyeliner – and skip the mascara, too!”



Danessa Myricks Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette – Dew It Flirty

“I finally have a new product to mention! This Danessa Myricks palette works for cheeks and lips, so it’s similar to my other favorite RMS [Cheek2Lip] that I’ve used in a lot of my DDR looks in that regard. This palette has a little bit more of a dewy look and it has pinker hues that I was looking for. I mixed Tease and XOXO, focus on the apple and fade out.”


Danessa Myricks Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette – Dew It Flirty

“I used the same palette as my cheek for the lips, same two shades – Tease and XOXO. Concentrate the pigment on the center of the lip and let it smooth and fade to the corners.”


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Kari L Finch Start
Kari L Finch Start

November 06, 2023

LOVE IT!!!! I am somewhat fair skinned; I always have a difficult time finding make-up that works for me… THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME SOMETHING THAT WILL HIGHLIGHT MY COLORING!!!! LOL, I have blonde eyebrows and hate them, yes, I do draw them darker, and they frame my face! I just love your hints and tricks! Keep sharing them!!! This was a huge help for me!

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