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October 23, 2022 3 min read

Welcome to our latest installment of Double D Dress-Up! It’s no secret that one of our favorite parts about this biz is that we’re basically still playing Barbies, and it’s taken on a whole new layer of fun getting to see how our DDR darlings style it with their own little spin. Check out how they’re wearing and pairing Walker. (P.S… you’re gonna pick up on a pattern…)

Claire Johanson, Design, in Stockman’s Bill of Sale Poncho

I chose the Stockman's Bill of Sale Poncho Top because of the collar and poncho silhouette combination. This combo makes the top different from other ponchos, adding a little structure. Plus, Kristin's artwork is to die for. Can it get any cuter?

Doris Loredo, Accounting, Bar X Car Coat and Mule Alley Top (with Bandit Pant

The Bar X Car Coat: What can I say? Had it not been for a blanket coat, Doug McMullen, his daughters, and wife Margie, then I would not be able to say I have been at DDR for 28+ years. The story of the blanket coat gives meaning to all who are struggling to obtain a goal. For me, knowing that story was one reason I chose (and bought) this jacket – along with the shearling collar, I so love those collars! (Yes, I am cold natured for sure.) That jacket is meant to be in my closet. The Mule Alley Top, well, hello, it went with that big necklace that I must say I borrowed for this pic! LOL. No, the top was chosen as my statement piece for the Stockyards in Fort Worth where DDR opened its new store. The Bandit pants, now come on ladies – those of you who have them know the feel and comfort of them. Not to mention, they tuck the tummy, slim the legs, and even if they’re too long, you can shear those babies with a good pair of scissors. The perfect Walker Collection outfit for me!”

Kristen Schley, Customer Service, in Stockman’s Bill of Sale Tunic

I chose the Stockyards Bill of Sale Tunic because of the beautiful and fun detail. I grew up on a feedlot and we raise cattle as a family so anything with cattle on it is pretty fun and special. And I basically grew up with the McMullen/Franz families, so having all the kids’ and grandkids’ names worked into the print is pretty neat.

Lisa Murphy, Marketing, in Hereford Sweater and Cheyenne Top

There’s no question I gravitated toward the Hereford Sweater because I live in sweaters. It's comfy, oversized just right, and is a great length. I'm also loving the retro vibe. I modified the Cheyenne Top a little to suit my style, wearing the collar open rather than the more turtle-neck look.

Susie Eggemeyer, Customer Service, in Push’n to Sedalia Jacket (and Stockman’s Bill of Sale Workshirt)

I picked the top because I love the fun print. I love the hand of the Push’n to Sedalia suede jacket along with the beautiful stitching.

HONORABLE MENTION: Mitchell in his Stockman’s Serape Hoodie!

Rarely does our beloved Mitchell get to partake in the fun fashion we create, but can we all agree he was absolutely ROCKING that serape hoodie! (And if you haven’t spent much time around Mitchell and Kristen Schley together, their dynamic is brother-sister to the core – heart to heart and toe to toe! – which makes them matching that day even more precious and comical!)

So, we wanna know – what are your faves? How are you wearing and pairing Walker?

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