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How to Pack a Hat

How to Pack a Hat

With hat boxes not nearly as prevalent as they once were, airline travel for your favorite headwear can be a little confounding these days, but it can be done! We’ve had success with all three of the following methods.
In your suitcase: Build it a nest. Fill it with smaller items that you’re not concerned about wrinkling (undergarments, socks, pajamas, etc.), and structure your other clothes in a way that creates a bit of a “hole” in which you can nestle the crown and maintain its shape. (TIP: Pack it toward the upper half so less weight bears on it when your suitcase is upright.)
In a carry-on: This isn’t always an option, but if your baggage situation allows for it, carrying your hat in a tote and storing it under the seat in front of you during your flight, is a good way to ensure that it arrives in the same shape. (TIP: Do not put it in the overhead bin, as it likely to get crushed.)
On your head: Of course, you’ll have to take it off at security, but it’s probably the most sure-fire way to guarantee your hat gets where you’re going in tip-top shape!
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