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August 22, 2021 1 min read

There’s something about being deep down in a canyon, totally off the grid, and miles away from anything manmade, that makes you take pause in utter awe of what the earth is capable of creating. Roads, rivers, and in this case, rocks.

Scattered throughout the canyon, you’ll find clusters of natural phenomena called hoodoo rocks, enormous boulders that appear as if they’ve been set atop a pedestal.

These unusual formations occur when a large, dense rock falls onto a bed of softer rock, such as mudstone or loose sandstone, which is eventually eroded away by running water or other natural elements, leaving only a narrow stem-like structure supporting the larger domed rock. Because erosion occurs at an almost imperceptible pace, hoodoo rocks are several thousand years old, and no two are the same.

Isn’t nature fascinating?

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