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August 29, 2021 1 min read

Anyone familiar with Double D Ranch knows we’re far more likely to be overdressed than under, so we wouldn’t really consider ourselves “hoodie” people most days. But, never say never. 

While a little outside the box for us, we definitely can’t deny the appeal of a cute, cozy hoodie. And the Grand Canyon collection seemed like a perfect place to “try one on for size”, if you will. The vibe of the collection is kind of down to earth, outdoorsy, and of course, the Grand Canyon itself, well it can get downright frigid at night – you’re gonna need you a sweatshirt as soon as that sun goes down. So, the design team dabbled a bit, and the Souvenirs Hoodie was born.

“There’s a bit of a tie-dye resurgence happening in fashion right now,” Cheryl said. “Obviously, that’s not really our aesthetic, so we muted it down a little, to more of a watercolor look with that pretty blue on a soft khaki background. Then we added patches, that’s the ‘souvenirs’ part of it, and embroidered our mantra, ‘Play nice. Be free.’ on it in a bold red that really stands out and ties into some of the patches and the drawstrings of the hoodie. And finally, we gave it the ultimate DDR embellishment: fringe! It’s pretty cool, right?”

Very cool, indeed.

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