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December 19, 2021 1 min read

Having loved ones fill your home is one of those heart-warming simple joys we tended to take for granted prior to the pandemic. Now that we’re able to gather again, we’re cherishing the opportunity to create an environment that’s elegant and inviting, in DDR fashion.

“Whether it’s children coming home or friends in town for a visit, there is a sense of pride and of joy in providing a welcoming space for your guests,” said Cheryl. “That is what kept coming up as we were designing this collection of DDR Home pieces. How can we create a look that is aesthetically impressive but is also irresistible to want to curl up in? There is something inexplicably cozy and comforting about plaid, so that provides the inviting aspect; we did it in a sophisticated color scheme and balanced it with luxe velvets and ornate embroidery, which provides the element of elegance. Collectively, it’s the rugged-meets-romantic vibe that just really works.”

And hey, you don’t have to save the good stuff for the guests! Who wouldn’t want to crawl into this chic setup every night?

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