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March 26, 2023 3 min read

Whether you’re counting steps, getting the dogs their exercise and potty breaks, or just trying to get some fresh air, a nice walk has a multitude of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Obviously, you can get your cardio in, get your heart rate up, get your blood pumping and close that Move ring on your Apple Watch – but the benefits of walking are so much more holistic than that!


Speaking from personal experience on this one. There’s a saying that being a writer is 20% writing and 80% staring at a blank screen, and boy howdy, if that isn’t the truth! Sometimes I get so stuck on a single paragraph, or sentence even, that I have to – quite literally – walk away from it. Try it next time you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, or at an impasse with something – even a quick lap around the block can usually shake something loose!


This is such an easy and underrated way to lift your spirits. The sunshine is good for you, and even on a rainy day, the sights, sounds, and smells can just ground you back to nature and remind you what a remarkable world God made.


Ok, ladies, be honest – when you’re on the phone, do you pace around the house for virtually no reason? Because we definitely do. In a time of this miraculous technology called cell phones, why don’t we give that pacing a purpose and turn it into a full-on walk? It’s a great time to set aside time for catching up with friends and loved ones while also getting yourself moving – win-win!


You know what’s even better than taking that time to connect with your people? Walking with them! Get a small group of your gals together and get a little walking group going. You can vent, laugh, blow off steam – all the same things you’d do over countless chips and queso, but while making a move instead! This will not only increase your endorphins, but help you feel more connected, which is integral to the hierarchy of human needs. Plus, doing it in a group improves accountability.

And on that note… why not walk with US? Our amazing Health & Wellness Coach, Kelly Temple, has implemented “Walking Wednesdays” in the Double D Addiction: Health & Wellness group (which you should definitely join, if you haven’t already!) that aims at creating a weekly reminder – and eventually forming a habit – of taking a little time for yourself right smack-dab in the middle of the week.

“We are hopping on a live video in the Facebook group at 11:00am on Wednesdays to walk together,” Kelly explained. “It’s an effort to help people begin thinking about minimal movement to promote health. Once the diet part is under way, a little movement keeps the body working for you and burning calories. I thought this weekly walk would be a great way to help the sisters – and the rest of the Wolf Pack! – set aside a prescribed time for movement. We would love for folks to comment and share pictures of where they are walking!”

Alright, gals (and guys!) – set yourself a weekly reminder on your phone, pack a pair of tennies in your work bag, and let’s get motivated and moving!

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