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March 26, 2023 2 min read

We’re not talking spinach and brussels (though we encourage you to get those, too!), we’re talking kelly and hunter and forest.

Color is king right now and green is changing the game. A further evolution of dopamine dressing, it’s a new wave beyond the endorphin-inducing brights; green is a grounding color, representative of growth, of renewal, of lush life. Incorporating such a rich hue brings a complexity to the color palette that feels elevated and elegant, a maturity that signifies strength and means moving forward.


“Green isn’t going anywhere,” said Cheryl. “It’s the invigorating vibrance that everyone is craving for their closets right now – in fact, even outside the closet! Green is trending strong in home decor, paints, even appliances. It’s fresh and refreshing and it’s forecast on trend reports for years to come, so don’t be shy about stocking your wardrobe with it!”


At the risk of overdoing a metaphor, much like your veggies, greens as a style shade work best when you have some variety.

“Green is somewhat unique in that it layers well with itself,” explained Cheryl. “Within the color family, you can pair multiple shades with each other – like a vivid grassy green with a pickle juice green, accessorized with rich deep malachite – without it getting overwhelming, like would happen with say, orange.


Y’all know this is a DDR motto 24/7 – give us ALL the embellishments! – but arguably, green does it best. Something about this hue really amplifies the element of texture, makes velvet a little more luxe, suede a little more supple. And boy oh boy, is it fun in fringe!

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