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October 01, 2022 1 min read

Every October there’s a nationwide campaign to bring awareness to one of the major health risks we women face, particularly as we age. The football cleats turn pink, the ribbons come out, and there’s a PSA in every commercial break. With Health & Wellness as one of our top priorities as of late, here are a few of our friendly suggestions for taking control of your breast health.

  • FEEL YOURSELF UP ON THE FIRST: Set yourself a reminder to do a self-examinationevery single month. (Doesn’t have to be the 1st, but that’s an easy way to remember it!)
  • DON’T MISS A MAMMOGRAM: Listen, ladies, no one enjoys a mammogram, so it can be tempting to just keep putting it off or skip it altogether. Instead, schedule something fun for afterwards – a ladies lunch, a shopping trip, some sort of pampering, etc. – so you trick your mind to look forward to it a little. Bonus if you and a friend/sister can book them for the same day and make a ritual of it!
  • ACT FAST IF YOU FIND SOMETHING: Like we said, early detection is key, so don’t let the fear of finding out for sure keep you from making an appointment right away. Plus, it could always be something as simple as a benign cyst, in which case you’ll be relieved to have the peace of mind.

Play nice. Be free. Check your tatas.

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