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July 23, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment

Want to know one of the best things about accessories? They allow you to experiment and reinvent yourself time and again, without totally overhauling your whole wardrobe.

We have a saying around here, “your outfit is your armor, your accessories are your ammo.” They pack a punch, ya know? They are a form of self-expression that can be as malleable as your mood, whether you’re feeling minimalist-chic or you want ‘em to hear your jingles janglin’ from down the block. A soft ellipsis to a triple exclamation point, accessories punctuate the statement your outfit makes to the world.

Picture yourself in a tailored white tee and jeans. In one scenario, you pair it with a clavicle strand of small pearls; in the other scenario, you pair it with a bold bolo. See how differently those two looks present; both charming, but it’s like going from demure to daring with a single switch.

Alright, we kind of took the long way to get here, but all that is to say: we’re daring you to get gutsy this season – go for the gauntlets!

Now, if you’re not familiar with gauntlets, maybe don’t give it a Google, because it’s just going to confuse you. It can mean full-on gloves, like medieval chainmail ones or beaded leather Native American ones (we have a couple beautiful pairs of these, too!), or it can mean a part of the glove, or it can even refer to a wide, stiff shirt cuff a la James Bond. The one thing they’ll all have in common is the forearm – gauntlets cover and protect the forearm, not unlike the Native American ketoh which serves as a bowguard. Both ketohs and gauntlets (at least the Western style to which we’re referring) are crafted from wide bands of leather, but whereas the ketoh is a singular piece worn on one arm, gauntlets are a matching pair meant to be worn on both.


“They’re bold,” Cheryl said. “They have a toughness to them that says you’re confident, cool, and a little bit of a bad*ss, without being over-the-top edgy, like, say, a spiked biker cuff. At the same time, they’re refined; they’re usually a really beautifully conditioned leather with intricate tooling and often accented with sleek, symmetrical studwork. Whether they’re antique, vintage, or contemporary, they carry that kind of cowboy charm that makes them universally appealing.”


“Currently, I’m loving them layered over long sleeves,” Cheryl said. “It’s a strong, sharp finish to even the most laid-back top. I’d even go so bold as to put them over a crisp button-down and leave the shirt cuff visible. I’ve always been a fan of putting cuff bracelets outside a sleeve, that’s just an upscale style tip of mine, but I think there is a lot of room to experiment with gauntlets to get a look you love. And don’t be afraid to wear them on bare arms either! How confident and cool is a gal in a sleeveless sundress accessorized with big bold gauntlets?!”


“These cuffs are collector’s items!” explained Cheryl. “That’s really how I got on this kick in the first place – and y’all know how I can get on a kick for collecting something! I have always thought they were very cool and loved the aesthetic, but you don’t see them very often, not like you do a squash blossom or even ketohs, so when I came upon a gorgeous vintage pair in a little shop, it reignited my love for them and I started seeking them out. I’m really proud of the collection we’ve curated and the selection we’re offering to complement Cowpoke U, and I’m excited for our DDR gals to fall in love with them, too! Even if they never wear them, these are worthwhile investment pieces and cool conversational decor.”

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

July 30, 2023

Wow!!! This is fabulous💞

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