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January 22, 2023 1 min read

Scratch the Year of the Rabbit, we’re declaring this the year of the renegade. The last few years have tried and tested us all, join us in greeting this one with fervor, feeling empowered, fearless, and a little bit feisty!

The 2023 Spring/Summer collections fall under an overarching theme we’ve dubbed Far Out West. Naturally, it will have a heavy influence of the western look and lifestyle, and well, “far out” in every sense – as in groovy, as in geographically, as in pushing the envelope and out of this world.

The first of these collections is Billy the Kid, inspired by the legendary outlaw and his interesting origin story, influenced in no small part by the 1988 Brat Pack flick Young Guns, which was a steady soundtrack for years when our boys were growing up. This transitional collection is a study in color, in contrasts and complements, and another dose of dopamine dressing. It’s an experiment in edginess, premiering daring silhouettes and showcasing the subtle art of sparkle; we’re talking cropped corsets, full-length fringe, and sequins like you’ve never seen them.

This year, we’re embracing the outlaw attitude. We’re rebelling against the rules – there is no dressing too young or too loud. We’re showing up to be seen. Lean in to looking as fearless as you feel.

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