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April 11, 2021 2 min read

Are you having some non-buyer’s remorse from some of the fabulous pieces from the Matagorda and Cody collections? Missed out on the Matagorda Poncho or kicking yourself for not grabbing the Grady Rodeo Workshirt? Well, here’s your second chance – at a steal!

From April 11th through April 18th, Audrey’s authorized us to offer the Matagorda and Cody collections to y’all at HALF OFF! Yep, that’s 50% off the first two collections from ‘I Go Back’. That colorful custom (and complicated!) serape from Matagorda, the gorgeous deep orange velvet pieces from Cody, the fabulous floral North Platte Jacket – all of it!

And guess what else? We’re sweetening the deal. The ‘I Go Back’ collections were nostalgic, reminiscent of our childhood, our beginnings, and our journey to where we are. Because they were our 30th anniversary collections, and so meaningful to us, we designed a charm to commemorate each of them. It was our way of inviting our Wolf Pack to be a part of this milestone celebration, by adding these commemorative charms to their collections, to their bracelets or necklaces or however they sport their DDR charms.

"There was an old, sappy Jim Croce song called 'Time In a Bottle',” Cheryl explained. “And that phrase just kept repeating in my mind. I'm not even sure the lyrics make sense, but that line kept coming back to me when I was designing the 30th Anniversary charms. They're not all technically bottles but each charm 'contains' meaningful symbols and memories from each of these significant places. Matagorda is a mason jar, Cody is a whiskey bottle, Nashville is a beer bottle, and Taos is actually a woven basket. And together, they represent the whole 'I Go Back' collection."

Well, we’re offering the limited stock we have left in these charms at a deep discount. You can pick a single charm that speaks to you and snag it for 40% OFF, or you can really save big and 50% OFF the set of all four!

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