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March 28, 2021 2 min read

Every collection has that little bit of a “dark horse”, that piece or outfit that gets a little overlooked, but then becomes a lifelong favorite, the one everyone is seeking out and begging for in buy and sell groups after the collection closes. And honestly, it’s not y’all’s fault, because here’s the deal: Cheryl designs collections that are so jam-packed, top-to-bottom, full of fabulousness, that it’s almost impossible to focus or give due attention to every incredible piece. In Cynthia, we’ve gotta say, it’s probably the Grass Dancer.

“We’ve been playing a lot with statement pants of all different varieties the past few seasons,” Cheryl said. “The Midnight Cowboy, the Wild West Pant, those Bandit ‘butter booty’ Pants – they’ve all been a big hit. We did something kind of similar-but-different with the Grass Dancer Pant, a little bit of all of them. It’s almost a goat suede bootcut jean silhouette, really kind of similar to the Midnight Cowboy in shape, but in suede, which is more like the Wild West. But we did a different style of fringe and went more colorful and ornate with the beading, more true to the origin and the essence of the collection. It all turned out gorgeous, they did a really incredible job with the production.”

But you know DDR – we may love to play with a power pant, but our signature sweetheart is always our jackets! And the Grass Dancer Jacket doesn’t disappoint. 

“I absolutely LOVE this jacket as a spring statement piece,” Cheryl said. “People sometimes think ‘suede’ and think ‘fall/winter’, but that really isn’t the case at all. Especially in this shade, suede is gorgeous for spring. And again, the beading – the things these artisans can do in terms of hand-beading never ceases to amaze me – and the colors are so vibrant and happy, they kinda make you wanna dance! Maybe that’s where I got the idea for the name…”

The fringe and those awesome concho buttons? Just icing on the cake.

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