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October 22, 2023 2 min read

It’s spooky season! And as much as we love all the treats (though we *try* to be reasonable and responsible about them), the month of October also comes with tricks—er, tricky predicaments, rather.

The thing is, when you have to host an event – any event – in October, it’s beyond tempting to turn it into a costume party, which means your social calendar can quickly fill with more commitments than you have costumes. Well, fret not, friends! If you’ve been a DDR devotee for very long, you’ve likely already got a closet full of fabulous pieces that can quickly become costumes in a pinch. Of course, there’s always the obvious Rodeo Queen or Wild West wrangler, but we’re thinking a little more outside the box!

Here are a few of the quick costume ideas that come to mind that you may already have on a hanger:


If you fell in love with the intergalactic aesthetic of Throwback to the Future and smartly snagged some of those super-sparkly Quasar pieces, then you’re halfway to a Studio 54-style sequin sister! Grab a good pair of gogo boots – if you can’t borrow some, Amazon can likely get a pair to your doorstep in two days – and you are all set, dancin’ queen!


(Or maybe you’re going as country music’s current leading lady, Lainey Wilson – who we’re proud to say, is a fan/friend of DDR!) Dig back a couple years and bust out Uncle Sam’s Pant from Willie’s Picnic, those star-spangled stretch denim bell bottoms! Rock them with a plain white tee or a cool crochet croptop, a pair of braids, and a groovy headscarf. Or double-down on the patriotic vibe and add an Americana-mazing vest like the One Nation Vest or the show-stopping Eagle Live Vest from Sissy!


Speaking of Sissy, you can always dress up as the sexy-but-spoiled Pam from the epic ‘80s film, Urban Cowboy! The Oil and All That It Implies Vest from Summer 2021 is a recognizable enough rendition of Pam’s showstopping top, and you can always up the ante with Sissy’s Hat (or a add a flared feather accent piece to your traditional topper), with a good pair of jeans and boots, and you’re ready to rule the dancehall!


Dazzle ‘em as coquette cowgirl with all the pinup pizzazz from Gayle. You’ll be a dead ringer in the Don’t Fence Me In Jacket and Skirt, if you’ve got it, but almost any of Spring 2022 collection’s combos will do the trick when paired with vintage victory rolls and a rockin’ red lip!

(This is actually a great couples’ costume idea, too – channel Hollywood heartthrobs Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with punchy pearl snaps, a little bit of shine and a whole lot of swagger!)


Steal the show as a rhinestone rockstar with that beautiful biker from Nashville that’s clad with crystal fringe or shimmy on down as trendsetter Wanda Jackson in the Rockabillie Wanda full-fringe dress! (Again, you can easily make it a couples’ costume by tweaking it to suit legendary duo Johnny & June.)

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