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Collector’s Corner: Trophy Buckles

Collector’s Corner: Trophy Buckles


Even if you can’t win one in the arena, you can still score a trophy buckle.

Trophy buckles are among the most fun accessories in Western wear. Some are hand-crafted from scratch, some are vintage finds that have been revitalized by adding decorative elements, and all of them have a little bit of their own personality to them. A trophy buckle is an unexpected statement piece that adds a bit of boldness to even the simplest of outfits. Sterling silver, embellished with emblems, and accented with genuine turquoise stones makes it an eye-catching conversation piece no matter what else you’re wearing.

Collecting trophy buckles is almost a sport in itself. (It’s one of our favorite accessories to hunt for!) Not only are the gorgeous statement pieces, but they’re also almost always one-of-a-kind, which means you could own a thousand trophy buckles and still have no two alike. Every new acquisition adds a little something of its own to the collection, and definitely adds something to your outfit, so there’s no such thing as having too many!

Speaking of country couture collectors… Our current country music crush, Tanya Tucker, actually purchased the trophy belt from the Cattlemen catalog on her recent trip to the Mothership!

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