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June 02, 2024 2 min read

Folks, y’all missed a FABULOUS time Friday night! We were so thrilled to have a handful of our Wolf Pack trek on over to Yoakum’s TomTom Festival, and we’ve gotta say, for a small town festival, we had a BIG time!

For starters, a big thank you to everyone who joined us! Shoutout to Paulette Taylor, Rene Davis, Cheryl Luna, Liz Lindeman, and Cindy Hazelwood! We truly cannot overstate how much it fills our cup when we get to spend time with y’all in person. We had a blast getting to chat with everyone while they sipped and shopped at the Mothership.

“It was the perfect opportunity to shop the store,” shared Kristen Schley, the queen of customer experiences. “The Ranch Romance items were a huge hit, of course. Everyone was wanting to try those on and try different ways of ways of wearing them. And then Susan [Bellamy] and Stephanie [Wilson] actually came and got their outfits for the night. Stephanie is one of the backup singers for the Bellamy Brothers and she ended up wearing one of the cute new tops from Ranch Romance on stage!”

Then, what a fun treat to get to share supper with everyone at one of Mitchell’s favorite restaurants in town, Emiliano’s. After dinner we hung out in the park, enjoying each other’s company and a little live local music as as we killed a little time waiting for the concert. Audrey’s son, Bryson, amused us all with his turn on the mechanical bull, but it was Doris’ grandkids that really stole the show! (If y’all didn’t know, Doris Loredo is the matriarch of a whole lineage of local royalty!) This year, her granddaughter Madilyn Ann Crandal was crowned Yoakum Little Princess while her grandson Kason Garcia was crowned Little Mister!

Perhaps the highlight of the night for many of us (thanks to our dear friend Susan Bellamy), we had the pleasure of getting to do a little meet & greet with the Bellamy Brothers – we even got to take pictures on their bus!

Of course, the show itself was well worth staying up past our bedtime! Hard to believe this duo has been doing their thing since the 1970s, because they never missed a beat – literally – and you’d better believe we were swayin’ and singin’ along. You know, it sounds like such a simple thing, a little summer night concert in a small town park, but it’s one of those sweet simple memories we’ll cherish forever, and we’re really, really glad we got to share it with some of y’all. THAT is the sort of thing that makes a good life great. After all, “There's a reason for the sun-shining sky… And there's a reason why I'm feeling so high… Must be the season, when that love light shines all around us…”

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