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February 14, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

As confident and beautiful as the women in our Wolf Pack are, you’d be surprised how often we hear, “I wish I could wear leather pants; I could never” or “My leather pants-wearing days are behind me.” Listen to us, ladies: NO THEY AREN’T AND YES YOU CAN!Especiallythese.

“These are not your average leather pants,” Cheryl said. “The hard part about finding, wearing, loving leather pants is that they’re usually so restrictive. They have no give and no recovery. Who could forget Ross Gellar’s leather pant fiasco? The Bandit Pants answer all of that.”

These pants are a 100% sheep napa backed with 96% cotton and 4% lycra, which gives them a little bit of give, so even those of you gals who are leery of leather pants can rest assured you can rock these bad boys with comfort and confidence.

“These pants are what Daddy Doug would’ve called an ‘only cry once’ purchase,” Cheryl added. “You bite the bullet, you rip the bandaid off, and you only cry once when you swipe the card. Then you’ve got this investment piece that you will cherish for life, and after that you smile every time you think about them, every time you put them on. You only cry once. Otherwise, you cry every time you think about how much you wish you HAD gotten them!”

Daddy Doug did always have a good gut instinct for risk and reward, and it seems that his little whisper in the back of our minds was right once again. We have been pleasantly surprised (and yet, not at all surprised) how many of you ladies have already fallen head-over-heels for these fabulous pants and ordered them in every color. 

“You know, it was a risk, and we discussed that,” Cheryl admitted. “Because of what all it takes to make this incredibly unique stretch-leather – the materials and the process – we knew that they were going to have to be at a fairly high price point for a pair of pants. It was a concern, for sure. But then we got to touch them, and we got to see them on, and all of that concern melted away. Instantly.”

Funny Cheryl chose the word “melted”; we’ve jokingly taken to calling them “butter booty pants” because the composition of suede and stretch kind of holds you in and smooths you out, hence your “booty looks smooth as butter”. (Lots of weird phrases are born on the set of a photoshoot!) If you ask us, that kind of smoothing and shaping is worth every penny.

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

February 22, 2021

One word, FABULOUS!!!❤️❤️

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