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October 02, 2022 1 min read

Accessories are a way to express yourself and when it comes to inlay, it’s not only an appreciation of the image, but the artform and the artisans.

The late lapidary legends Helen and Lincoln Zunie were a collaborative couple of Zuni artisans who were prolific in their creation of incredibly intricate inlay pieces. Most of their work utilizes stones of turquoise, shell, mother of pearl, and black onyx, in conjunction with sterling silver to create images of Hereford bulls and horse profiles that marry their talent and technique with the Western vibe that was all the rage during the mid 20th Century, their peak of production.

Like many of the greats, their work has become exponentially appreciated posthumously and is highly coveted among collectors. DDR is pleased to share their collection of belt buckles and bolos intricately handcrafted by the talented team, beauty this bold is too remarkable to keep to ourselves.

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