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March 12, 2023 2 min read

As easily identifiable as an Oscar Betz, once you’ve seen the work of this Denver-based artist, you can spot it at a glance. Formally educated in printmaking and sculpture at James Madison University, Dolan’s inclination toward art is something he comes by honestly.

Photo by Paul Winner

“My mother, Lisa Geiman, is an artist and instilled in me the passion to create,” Dolan said. “I've always been filled with ideas – I’m never bored!”

The Virginia native is a self-proclaimed outdoorsman, an influence you’ll find pervasive in his creations from paper collage to faux taxidermy.

“I'm known for my large-scale collage and mixed media pieces that incorporate found materials and vintage papers,” he explained. “I like to get my hands dirty and along with these materials I also will toss in some techniques like painting, screen-printing and even sewing. Each collage is inspired by a love for folktales, nostalgia, and exploring the vast and very Wild West.”

We brought some of these colorful characters and charming animal interpretations to life in graphics, prints, and applique throughout the Desert Desperado collection as part of what ended up being one of the most seamless and satisfying creative collaborations we’ve ever done.

“Cheryl and the team reached out and asked me if I would like to work together, and of course, I said yes!” shared Dolan. “Being able to collaborate with such a driven and passionate individual like Cheryl has been fantastic. I appreciate how hard she works because I work like that, too; always thinking about how to make something cooler, more interesting, more edgy – these are the places we, as artists, excel! When she started to send me photos of the finished products I felt like it was a dream finally coming true, because this type of collaboration is very rare and so special.”

He’s not wrong, it really is rare and special for creatives to come together so cohesively. By nature, artists and creators of any sort are full of big ideas and bold visions, which are often accompanied by big voices and bold opinions, and that can sometimes work against a collaboration. For Double D Ranch and Dolan Geiman, though, the big and bold worked in our favor.

“I truly feel this collection is unique because of the powerful creative energy involved,” Dolan agreed. “It's a kickass collaboration and I know when people see these pieces, they are going to feel that vibe as well!”

In addition to his creative contributions to the designs of Desert Desperados, limited edition commemorative prints of Señorita Dakoda will be available, each individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Dolan is currently living and creating in Colorado with his wife and business partner, Ali Marie, and their beloved cat, Recine.

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