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June 25, 2023 1 min read

Love and luck go hand in hand. They’re magical, elusive, and you’d do well to believe in them both if you hope to have a helping of either in your life.

It is said that a visitor once came to the home of Nobel Prize–winning physicist Niels Bohr and, having noticed a horseshoe hung above the entrance, asked incredulously if the professor believed horseshoes brought good luck. “No,” Bohr replied, “but I am told that they bring luck even to those who do not believe in them.”

Well, we do believe in them, and as rugrats of the racetrack, we come by it honestly.

If you ever met our Daddy Doug, you know his heart was in horse racing. And if you’ve asked our sister Hedy about her horseshoe ring, you know that she’s worn it every single day since Daddy gave it to her at 16 – and you know it needs to be open-side up to catch the luck!

For us, hearts and horseshoes have always gone together, because well, horseshoes are close to our hearts.

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