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November 14, 2021 2 min read

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures.

At the risk of tooting our own horn, our editorial photography is pretty dang stellar, we have to admit, but videography takes it to a whole new level.

“The benefit is two-fold, really,” Cheryl explained. “For one, Mitchell is really able to zoom in close on details in a way that wouldn’t be quite as gripping in a still shot. Secondly, you simply can’t capture the luxurious movement of a velvet dress or the flow of a fringe in quite the same way on a page. For me, the whole point of all the effort we put into a catalog is to tell the story of the collection, and these vignettes really enhance our ability to do that.”

Here are a few of our favorite “moments in motion” from the Adirondacks collection:


“I’ve talked about this in our live videos before, but I’m always living in at least two collections at once,” Cheryl said. “There’s the one that’s happening in real time – the catalog that’s current, the line that’s live – and then there is the one that I’m designing, which is usually at least 12 months in the future. And a lot of times, I’m in the midst of photographing one that happens somewhere in the in-between. All that is to say, collections get crossed in my mind, and I can’t always recall which piece belonged to which collection, but every collection has a few pieces that stick, that I can instantly identify. The Whimsey Bird Dress is going to be one of those pieces. I love this dress; I have it in my own closet, it is so super comfortable and, of course, I’m partial to the whimsy bird beading. It’s a standout, and Mitchell did a great job capturing it.”


“Ok, this is one I’m really glad we got video of, because while I love the aspect we captured in catalog with Kaylin lounging in the chair – the whole vibe of ‘leisure in luxury’ that tells the story of Adirondacks – it really doesn’t do justice to the detail of the Marcy pieces. The embroidery, embellished with that beadwork, is just unbelievably elegant; I’m thrilled this vignette showcases that.”


“This jacket is a cornerstone of the collection; it centered around the inspiration of the unique trade silver pieces that were prevalent in the East Coast region during that era. They’re not your traditional southwestern style conchos that we incorporate into a lot of our designs, so this is very much a jacket that embodies the essence of the Adirondacks collection, and you can spot that it’s hand-embroidered from a mile away in this video.”

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