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WILD THINGS Inspired By Hunger Games

WILD THINGS Inspired By Hunger Games

A huge craze swept the nation -- well the world -- this year and it all started with a book. The Hunger Games trilogy became a hit with not only the vampire-loving demographic but all ages. The thrilling writing, a young love triangle, danger with every page turn, and maybe most importantly: a passionate fan base, created the perfect equation for a blockbuster movie franchise.
The story follows a young girl, Katniss, in a futuristic and dystopian world where the Capitol uses a lottery system to annually select one boy and one girl from each of 12 districts to fight to the death in a live television event.
Katniss is an expert markswoman with a bow and arrow and her attire through the book/film, fits our Wild Thing gal right down to her bootstraps. A girl living in the wild, living off berries and animals, fighting for her life at every turn. Katniss is our wild child.
Soon after the book caught fire (no pun intended in reference to the second book title) the runways followed suit, with thigh-length leather jackets, dark utilitarian looks, and camouflage styled jumpsuits. 
Double D Ranch followed suit with forest greens, hunt detailing, and a fearless heroin for our Call of the Wild Collection.

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Barbara McHenry - May 16, 2016

The name of our club is Detroit Archers. You may have hear of a great archer / hunter by the name of Fred Bear. He was the first president of the club. 8 of the members including myself are taking classes this weekend to become certified instructors, at this time we are unable to meet the demand for lessons and parties.

ivykoehler - May 16, 2016

WOW BARBARA!! What a great jump!! We’ve seen so much from a military standpoint as well….archery is just exploding right now! Let’s hope it continues to grow exponentially! Congrats on that jump! Do you mind sharing the website? We could toss that stat into the blog if so!

Barbara McHenry - May 16, 2016

I think the craze continues! Last year the archery club I belong to had a average of 1500 hits on our website per month. It has steadily increased due to the release of Hunger Games, the Brave movie and then the Olympics. We are now averaging 6500 hits to our website per month. I love the fact that archery has had such an effect on fashion.

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