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Design History 101: Flag of the Free

Design History 101: Flag of the Free

Every Spring we try to do an Americana piece showing a little pride, patriotism, and preen for our great country. The graphics on Flag of the Free are from a campaign banana from Benjamin Harrison and Levy Morton's era.


I've always loved collecting vintage bandanas and have created a Pintrest board to share some of my favorites.  Take a look and we'd love it if you followed us! 

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Anna in AZ - May 16, 2016

And every year I make sure I get my hands on the patriotic tee you design!! I love that you always include it. And if there are multiple colors I have been known to buy all of them…what can I do? I love America and I love DD :)

Jaymie Williams - May 16, 2016

So neat to see how you design and come up with ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to show my daughter. She is 8 and LOVES to design. SHe sits and sketches in the car, or any free time she has. Thanks for giving her some inspiration. She loves Double D and can
t wait till she gets older to wear it! She is also saving her money for her own Double D tote. Great taste huh? :-) THanks again for all you guys do!!!

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