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Double D Ranch DNA: Indian Heads

In the scientific world, DNA is the hereditary material in every cell of practically every organism. The DNA helixes create genes which are transferred from a parent to their offspring. As you know, organisms adapt and evolve over time to better fit their environment. Over the course of 22 years of designing and manufacturing, Double D Ranch™ has adapted and evolved to create collections that build upon each other and 'up the ante' each season.  Thus developing our own strands of DNA that show up with each collection but in a new, innovative and evolutionary way. . The use of Indian heads or to be politically correct, Native American profiles is one example of Double D Ranch's™ DNA.   The 'Home of the Brave Tee' in our Freebird Collection uses a profile from a vintage child's vest.  We reverse screen-printed a rug motif behind the profile and then hand sprayed tinting  to 'up the ante'. . .

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Anna in AZ - May 16, 2016

Love the insight!

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