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Skylar Laine....does it again!

It was an emotional week on American Idol! Contestant Jermaine Jones was dismissed before the singing even began, for having outstanding warrants in his home state of New Jersey. He defends that he kept this important piece of his past from the show's producers because he was scared and ashamed, but he also said that he was incredibly sorry . However, our Double D gal, Skylar Laine continued to capture America's hearts as a rock'n country girl with a whole lotta grit and a super cute, bubbly personality. .

Not to mention, we thought she looked adorable in another Double D piece she wore last night on stage.  It's our City of Angels Vest and we love the splash of color beneath! Great work Soyon An and other AI stylists! . . . . Check out these crazy Skylar fans as the AI results are  announced!

. Tune in next week (Wednesday & Thursday 8/7c)!! . . .
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Helen Copus - May 16, 2016

Congratulations Skylar!!! What lucky girl to have the Double D girls supporting her. I was just reading this blog via fb while i was updating the City of Angles vest on to my stores website…coincidence hey!!

Love this vest..

All the best.. Helen

Bettie Jones - May 16, 2016

Skylar is not my favorite singer but I love her Spunk Confidance and the way she dresses!! Maybe she could modle for Double D and be your Spokes Person…what a personality!! American Woman would love her and probably really relate to her what a GREAT SPOKES PERSON she would be!!!!

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