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You Talked, We Listened.

You Talked, We Listened.

Remember back in October when I asked you if you

wanted to score some free Double D?

. .. All you had to do was send in your design ideas and if I used something in the collection, then you could add another piece of Double D Ranch to your closet compliments of DDR.
We got some really great ideas. Here are the ones we used:

1. A-Line Trench Coat

Ann Parker said she wanted an A-line Trench Coat in a cotton/wool mix with traditional western detailing.  So we started out with a simple a-line duster, dipped the back hem, and by the time we got through 'Double D-ing it up" we ended up with our Boquillas Duster.

2. Peacoat

One of my favorite bloggers, Cathryn over at Farmer's Trophy Wife, sent me the suggestion of a classic peacoat. Cathryn is known for fashionably sloshing around in rubber boots & Chanel at her husband's 3rd generation cattle operation in Canada with two kids in tow and one on the way. So when Cathryn wanted a peacoat to accessorize with her barn boots, but still look fabulous we created the Badlands Peacoat at her suggestion. Classic it is not - FABULOUS it is!

3. Paisley Dress to wear under Great Jackets

Ashley Stout loves paisley dresses and describes her personal style as 'gaudy but glamorous'. She wanted something fun to wear under great jackets.  Here is our take on Ashley's request -  we kept it sleeveless so it pairs with some of our killer biker jackets this season. .

4. Embroidery Inspiration from Family Heritage

This is my favorite - Ann (college friend & sorority sis) sent me a snapshot from her family's recent visit to the island of Patmos, Greece.  Ann's family has Greek heritage and this was the first time Ann had ever gotten to see where her grandparents were from. (read exciting but emotional) Anyway, while she was there she picked up a wonderful cross-shaped wallhanging. The shop owner explained the symbolism behind the piece,
John (as in John the disciple who wrote the Book of Revelation while there on the isle of Patmos) was referred to as the 'Eagle of Patmos' and 'John the Seer'.
If you look at Ann's wall hanging you can see John's eagle motif as well as the blue 'evil seeing eye' stones said to ward off evil. Ann thought this would make a perfect embroidery motif for one of Double D Ranch's tees and we think she was right! PS: sorry I didn't get this one photographed for the web - you can see it in stores, though. .


Rosalinda Cabello Rombs - May 16, 2016

I really like your fall line it all looks great ..

Cathryn~The Farmer's Trophy Wife - May 16, 2016

Loving it all! And thanks!!! :)

Kathleen Burnham - May 16, 2016

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the peacoat idea!!! I MUST have one of these!!! LOVE what I have seen of the fall line!! You never cease to AMAZE me with your talent!!!!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Rosalinda, thank you so much. What is your favorite piece? We would love to hear more of your feedback!

Cindy Taylor - May 16, 2016

LOVE the trench coat and the peacoat! I’m all about dusters. That longer coat could hide lots of flaws!
Congrats girls on your winnings!

Laura - May 16, 2016

LOVING the fall collection! The look book arrived while I was away last week, and totally made my LIFE when I found it in the mailbox. Congrats to all the winners!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Cindy you are such a good sport and so sweet to play along with us and our silly contests!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

yeah – so glad you got your book and you like it! What is your favorite piece?

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