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Design History 101: Black Hawk Jacket

Design History 101: Black Hawk Jacket

Check out this 95-year-old playing Black Hawk Waltz! She's got quite the audience!

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Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Judy – are you friends with Courtney K / Shiner? Are we talking one in the same? I did some jackets last year for her mom (my bestie and spiritual mentor) for the girls for Christmas. And for the little grandmother, no, she is not mine…I wanted to find a UTube video of this long lost waltz (which the jacket is named after) and she came up in the searches. I thought she was so cute, I had to include her in our post.

Judy Cosper - May 16, 2016

How precious was your grandmother playing the piano! I have become a fan of your line when our mutal friend Courtney showed me the beautiful coat you had designed for her! I think your line is fabulous! God has given you such an amazing talent. One of my favorite shows is “Project :Runway” and I could see you and your designs as the winner!:) God Bless!

Helen McCarty - May 16, 2016

Wow, She played great….wish I could. And , LOVE THE TEE… Love Native American culture. Thank you again for designing beautiful articles of clothing…..

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