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Holier Than Thou

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Helen McCarty - May 16, 2016

Oh Cheryl ….. You are so funny…..Yes, Want to look good when I greet my Mom and my sister in particular when I arrive and my Mom would say " You look chic" so my Size is 8-10 or Small, depending on how the sizes run in your collection….
Your collection is Absolutely Stunning and I really appreciate the Style of how you combine the studs, Crosses, applique, Everything and Anything on your clothing line….

Don’t worry , I won’t expect it in the mail , not to worry because I am sure they cost a pretty penny and they are worth every single penny !!!!! I am trying to get into the Pumpkin contest, thinking hard , on what to do….with a jacket dancing in my head for the prize.

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

OK Helen, let me see if I can round one up for you…I’d hate for you to show up at the Pearly Gates not dressed in Double D! What size?

Helen McCarty - May 16, 2016

OK, I would die for this jacket, UN FREAK IN BELIEVEABLE, and then wear it up to heaven and really be the Holier than Thou Queen…….I swear I can smell the Leather from looking at the pic. You have outdone yourselves on this one…….Love the Dress to compliment it as well, the sleeves remind me of little angel wings which would be perfect for me to fly around in heaven with…….weeeeeeeee !!!!!!

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