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Stock-ing Report: Hosiery and Stocking Trends

Stock-ing Report: Hosiery and Stocking Trends

Accessories can be the key to any outfit.

They can turn 'ho-hum' into 'runway-ready' in a blink of the eye.

One accessory category that is getting a lot of editorial play is hosiery.  Whether it be textured laces or boldly patterned tights, hosiery is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to turn up the volume for any outfit.

Our good friend, Martina Real Bird from Montana, has been asking about the "legs" our stylist used on Double D's fall photo shoot,  so I thought we would share those as well as others that coordinate with our fall collection. 

Lauren, our stylist, selected several pairs of bright fun patterns.  Her merchandising theory was to contrast vivid legs against the darks of winter. I like the way she injected the fuchsia tight into the predominately black silhouette, pulling out the beautiful embroidery colors of the Trippy Hippie Jacket.


At the other swing of the pendulum,  I added a little "grrr" by bringing in some exotic animal prints.  In fact, if you are only going to splurge on one pair of tights this season, I would definitely recommend a really good pair in a leopard or crocodile pattern. 

We've done the shopping for you - below is our hand-picked selection of patterned and textured tights that bode well with Double D Ranch's fall collection.


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Can you imagine these gals having to paint and tint their legs due to rationing back in WWII?
I'd use up a lot of Sharpie markers trying to simulate 'leopard'!
Oh yeah, Martina, thanks for your email inquiry - it lead to us writing the 'stocking report'. We would like to send you our DDR 20th anniversary tote and will try to do another post on your "booties" query later this fall.
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Martina - May 16, 2016

Love all of them!!! Especially the Peacock Feather ones, those are gorgeous… Definitely need a pair of those! I have a decent stockpile of tights coming together. I found a grey pair & a denim pair of leopard print Celeste Stein tights at Dillard’s on a higher price point. Then on a lower price point, golden tan with brown leopard print tights at Kmart. Regardless of where they’re found, I adore them all!… Thanks for all your great advice Cheryl!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

lol – I think there is definitely a blog post in there somewhere!

Farmer'sTrophyWife - May 16, 2016

These are great finds….not sure if I am brave enough though. Last time I wore stockings I made it to the church, sat down and my daughter’s velcro shoes laddered them. Fun…

These boots were made for….showing a little toe. - May 16, 2016

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Penny Kling - May 16, 2016

Love the leopard & crocs :D

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Thank you for giving us the nudge to do a stock-ing report!

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