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Bittersweet Legacy and Hip #184

Life is bittersweet at the ranch right now.

. For the past three years, Dad had been working with Audrey's two oldest boys in developing a small broodmare farm.  Nothing big, just some really nice hand-picked mares.  It was amusing to watch them pour over stud pedigrees to get the genetics just right for a potential All American Futurity winner and exciting to watch the foals being born. As with any new venture, they encountered some bumps along the way. One colt arrived prematurely and didn't make it and another had to be fitted with a special shoe to help his tendon stretch out properly.
"Ol' Magic Shoes" would pitch and buck until he could throw the shoe free and the next thing you know, there the boys would go, truck and trailer for another shoe.
. [caption id="attachment_4477" align="aligncenter" width="403" caption="Jess Agrouvatin - Easter Morning"][/caption] . Well, their first baby, Jess Agrouvatin, is a yearling now and is slotted to sell in the TQHA Yearling Sale in Houston next week.  Mother has stepped up and has been helping Bryson every morning and evening to hand exercise and groom Jess so he will be in top condition for the sale.  It is crazy to watch the coddling:
Don't expose him to the sun during the heat of the day - that'll mess his coat up.
Hand exercise him in the round pen in the morning and evening - that'll build those hip muscles up.
Don't let him near the other mares - they might bite him and scar his coat.
Give him "the" special mix of feed and vitamins .... and on and on it goes!
. . So today, as I watch them start to pack their gear and supplies, I look with anticipation and regret at next week's yearling auction.  The boys will be selling their first baby, Jess Agrouvatin, Hip #184, and what would normally be a farm's time of celebration will be tinged with bittersweet memories with the absence of the one who started it all. We are sure going to miss Dad, but are comforted at the same time as we see his legacy live on in the boys. .
For all men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever. - 1 Peter 1:24-25


Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

Thanks so much Kathleen. They were loaded and on their way this morning around 8 and I told Mickey it was like sending a kid off to college. Sad to see them leave but know they need to go!

Kathleen Burnham - May 16, 2016

Oh I can’t even begin to imagine the excitement and the sorrow at the same time. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers as this weekend arrives. Your guardian angel will be bursting with pride as this horse goes into the sale ring. I hope and pray for much success for you all. There is so much work that goes into trying to raise these babies to be the best that they can be!! Sounds like your boys have GREAT knowledge of what it takes, they learned from the BEST!! God put this all together to have this sale fall on your Daddy’s Birthday, I truly BELIEVE!!!! I love you all!!

Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

What a whirl wind this summer has been. We are anxious to see how this first colt will do. It is really ironic that this sale fall on what would be daddy’s 70th birthday. We sure miss him!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Fernando, we are so touched. Thank you so much for your generous and appropriate words…they couldn’t have come at a better time! Good luck at the track – hope to see you in the Winner’s Circle!

Fernando Velazquez - May 16, 2016

I did my best with Jess Agrouvatin, his an energetic ,good minded colt ,learns quickly. I hope you are happy with his race record. Thanks for raising him. Good luck in the future.

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Today is really hard. It is Dad’s birthday and the 1st day of the yearling sale. Mom & the boys are all there and Audrey & Hedy are headed in that direction. A real ironic thing – Dad’s last horse – the one he loved and it loved him back – runs tonight at Lonestar Park in Houston. Everybody is going and celebrating Dad’s birthday and watching Illegal Memories run.
I can’t take it.

Cindy B.Taylor - May 16, 2016

What a wonderful story. It brought a tear to my eye but also made me smile knowing how proud your dad would be and that’s he’s probably grinning thinking " they listened to me!" Know he taught y’all well. Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. It’s going to be a truly special day!

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