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We are Living in a Material World

Way before Madonna, it really was a material world. Textiles, I mean.

. The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM is currently displaying over 137 textile and dress pieces from cultures all over the world. .
I really dig these vintage Syrian kicks - they might just become inspiration for a new leather jacket!
[caption id="attachment_3772" align="alignnone" width="403" caption="Boots, leather, linen, metallic thread, tooled. Syria. Gift of Irene Fisher and Dr. Estella Warner. Photo by Addison Doty"][/caption] . Can't make it to Santa Fe soon? . Don't worry this GIANT walk-in closet of an exhibit will be open until September of 2011.
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Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

I love them I bet ther were never made for a size 10 foot.

karen greer - May 16, 2016

Going west this July, will definitely check it out!

carol schoenberg - May 16, 2016

How Beautiful !!!!

Jackie Cole - May 16, 2016

These are so cool, it is screaming “Jacket, Jacke”t!!

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