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April 11, 2010 2 min read 2 Comments

Each month we do a look back to twenty years ago. Here is April Vogue 1990. 

Vogue, April 1990

Editor: Anna Wintour

Newsstand Price: $3 bucks

Cover Model: Christy Turlington

. . Editorial: Scene at the Couture - the Paris Report

At the collections this season, a new, softer, prettier look ...

. . An early ad for Banana Republic ...

when they had a reason to be.

A GAP ad tries to convince us that,

What's simple isn't always plain.

. Coors Light in Vogue?


. And my most favorite Ralph Lauren ad campaign of all time,

. . . . As for Double D Ranch 20 years ago, we were:
  1. just coming off of our first show with more orders for blanket coats than we had available blankets for.
  2. scratching our heads at the retailer's question, "What will you be showing next season?"
  3. sending me to the Javits Center in New York for a textile sourcing show in which I returned home with a moth-eaten red bandanna ...and which when Dad saw it, exclaimed, "what the H@!) are we gonna make with that?"(this bandanna would go on to be my inspiration for Double D Ranch'sâ„¢ first spring collection)
  4. taking a gamble and ordering 500 yards of "Cherokee Indian blanket" fabric from an unknown mill in Italy.(this would prove to be far too little as we sold through within the first two hours of our next show and ended up ordering over 4,000 yards total - see below)
  5. doing our own version of an Annie Leibovitz at an abandoned church in Yoakum.
as you can see, this gives new meaning to 'Annie get your gun'!
.Cherokee Indian Blanket Skirt & Vest

2 Responses

Audrey Franz
Audrey Franz

May 16, 2016

You could have kept some of those pics to yourself. Do love the original Bananna Repuplic. Wish they would have kept it that way.


May 16, 2016

I still use the Safari parfum. It is a personal favorite. I did not know if was 20 years old. It still smells good!

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