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DoubleTake: January 1990

DoubleTake: January 1990

DoubleTake is a fun monthly feature looking back at the pages of 1990 Vogue and reminiscing about Double D Ranch's fledgling start-up year.

Won't you giggle along with me as I do a "double take" look at fashion and celebrate our 20th anniversary?

Vogue, January 1990

Editor: Anna Wintour

Newsstand Price: $3 bucks

Cover Model: Tatiana Patitz

Tatjana Patitz - January 1990 Vogue Vogue Cover with


Editorial: Predictions 1990

(this is very apropos since we were moving into the last decade of the millennium.)
Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel - this is why he is still the "Kaiser" twenty years later.
longer jacket - yep
Ralph got it right and I wore my "must have" navy blazer with jeans and boots.
Nope, this was a miss. How was Vogue to know Kurt Cobain would spark the Grunge trend and Calvin would usher in minimalism?
Naomi looks great and not a day older twenty years later, and Christian Lacroix got it right, unfortunately twenty years later he is looking for a buyer/bailout.
I don't know about this one - I was starting a fledgling company and not doing the party scene.
Whoa Baby... I don't think so, but 'yes' to plaids - especially flannel plaids.

Editorial: Million Dollar Bill

I actually remember this editorial.  In fact when I saw the lead page today, I knew exactly what the room looked like on the following page.  Very deja vous and strange since I can't even remember what I had for breakfast!

Ads of Interest:

Escada: known then as "Geranimals for Grownups" and now, twenty years later in bankruptcy.
Oh yeah, I had me a pair of big 'ol frames.
Was this even legal?
Yikes...earrings & hair are actually very 80s - I guess Nexxus hadn't updated their ad campaign.
Bobby, your family's gonna throw me off the ranch! - Pamela Ewing
If the shoulder pads don't get ya ... how about that FONT?  Enough already!


loved the movie!
Dolly, honey, we are going to let you get away with that one because it's classic "Dolly," and poor Ivana, ... Girl, you don't even know it, but you are redecorating the Mar-A-Lago and your husband and his third wife are going to host their wedding reception there.

Letters to the Editor:

Wonder if now, any of these girls has a piece of Double D Ranch in their closets?  It would be very interesting to find out.
And finally a look at the business plan Double D Ranch was putting together twenty years ago:

Hey, let's make an Indian blanket coat...

and sell a bunch of 'em...

and we'll use the money to go snow skiing next Christmas!

Whaddya think?

It's a wonder we are even here to blog about this!

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Patti Eddington - May 16, 2016

At the heart of every country girl is a belief that being a cowgirl is the path to everlasting happiness – a good man, a fine horse, comfy well-worn boots and a nice shady porch to share a story n’ sip a tall cool one. Well, okay – a must-have for happiness is at least one Double-D jacket to wear out! All the rest is merely staging. Only Double-D is the real thing to add pure joy to a cowgal’s happiness! And I’m joyous!

Martina - May 16, 2016

You girls are so spirited, it’s very admirable. Cindy Crawford looks so young in that ad. I was barely in grade school then but I remember thinking I wanted to be just like her. 20 years is amazing,congratulations!

BC2DR - May 16, 2016

The cover headlines have not changed much in 20 years have they? Still promoting skin products and everybody is in need of a shrink these days.

DorisLoredo - May 16, 2016

Wow, Are those earrings on her ears? Those are long. Wow things were quite different in 1990. I looked like the ladies in the Cure’l ad. And then I thought my font looked good! Oh my… Cheryl, were you able to go skiiing that year after you made the blanket coats?

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Geena Davis!? I gotta go back and see – thanks for the tip and I look forward to your comments on next month’s Double Take! You’re no “magpie” – you’re a “hawkeye”! xoxo Cheryl

lunarmagpie - May 16, 2016

can’t believe you didn’t even notice that was Geena Davis when you made the “uggh… pantyhose” comment.

will be interesting to see the next generation’s comments in another 20 years… sure makes you feel ancient.

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Martina, I’ll have to go dig to find the picture, but we did a Cindy Crawford spoof one day on one of our shoots. We drew a big mole on Audrey and she was drinking “Pepsi” – so funny!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

No, Doris – we were too busy making blanket coats and looking for a top-notch office manager …. and along came you!

Chili - May 16, 2016

Anyone know who the model is in the “Predictions” story – the one in the first look (Chanel), in the tan outfit in the second scan, etc? I remember her being in tons of stuff in the late 80s/early 90s but what’s her name?

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Chili, I did some research last night, but I don’t think I know for sure. I’m going to dig the magazine back out and see if there is something there. (I’ve misplaced it at the moment) Also, this is on the very cusp of the supermodel reign of Turlington, Crawford, Campbell, Evangalista and this girl kind of falls out of the picture. Give me some time on this and I’ll get back with ya! Thanks for your post and query! C

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