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Cowboys Don't Cry

Eddie Raven Christmas

We were digging around in past Christmas cards and came across Eddie Raven's card.  Not sure what year this was from, but it got us to reminiscing about Eddie Raven and his Cowboys Don't Cry video.

It went something like this:

  • His "people" contacted us back in 2001.

  • They asked if we would dress the girl in Eddie's upcoming video for his new hit single, Cowboys Don't Cry.

  • We said, "Sure, love to".

  • So we sent our "people" to the set with all kinds of Double D Ranchâ„¢ goodies and accouterments.

  • They shot the video.

  • We waited anxiously for the debut.

  • We all watched it and clapped when our jackets showed up, then...

  • Wondered what Eddie meant by "THAT kind of girl".

  • Hmmmm....

We kinda like THAT kinda girl.


Here's the video, what do you think?

l l

So today's trivia question is answered in Eddie's video.  Well, sort of.  It helps if you are a collector or a long-time Double D Ranch™ fashionista:


Trivia for Tees Question #3:


Name anyone of the Double D Ranchâ„¢ Jackets in Eddie Raven's Cowboys Don't Cry video.

Hint: There are four jackets (don't count the velvet outfit) just jackets.
l Fine Print for Today's Trivia:
  • Each correct jacket name will be awarded a Double D Ranch Tee.
  • or to put it another way, only one winner per jacket name.
  • Only one prize awarded per person.
  • Correct answers will be determined by log in time.
  • Valid entries must be subscribers to Double Talk so look for the RSS feed icon above to subscribeRSS feed icon
  • All answers must be submitted through Double Talk - NOT through Facebook or email.
  • Good Luck!
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Penny Kling - May 16, 2016

What a beautifully shot video! I was lucky enough to meet Eddie after a concert in Colorado Springs in the 80’s. He showed us his tour bus, and I’ll never forget the knee high blue snakeskin boots he was wearing. Closest I can get to naming the jackets is the scout and the mesa.

Sarah Mercer Bradley - May 16, 2016

Im looking all over the internet trying to come up with the answer.

Emily Inthachak - May 16, 2016

I have quite a collection of Double D jackets and Oscar Betz jewelry and I’m a downhome Georgia girl. Sounds like he means the girl is a diva. Anyway the video is great and I love the song. I loved Eddy Raven and Johnny Rodriguez songs in the 70s and early 80s. They sure don’t make country singers like that these days. Thanks goodness for George Strait.

Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

George is the King!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Emily, yes, Audrey is a huge George Strait fan too. Did you send us your address, size, and color preference for the tee you won?

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

High blue snakeskin boots sound wonderful! Yes, I understand he is a really nice guy. I didn’t get to go when they shot the video but Jennifer said he and his entire crew were wonderful people. That sure is nice to know. And yes, one of the jackets is a scout…can you be more specific about which one? If so, you gotta DDR tee!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Sarah, I’m sure your mom probably has one in her closet!

shmuela padnos - May 16, 2016

my guess is indian blanket long wool coat. it aint my scootem that everyone always loves and asks whats ddr i say double d ranch as imagine double d would be the name of my pretend ranch if i had myself a ranch and gypsy vaneer horse i keep a picture of. one of these days……….

Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

Emily, we have lots of George stories in our family . I checked and your tee shipped today!

Emily Inthachak - May 16, 2016

You got that right Audrey. He came to Jacksonville last March. He was lookin’ and sounding as good as ever. Yes I emailed my info yesterday. Just let me know if you didn’t get it and I’ll resend it. Just wanted to let ya’ll know whenever I wear my Double D jackets I get lots of compliments, even here in the deep South.

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