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Santa, If You Read This Blog...

Dear Santa,
On the chance that you are a reader of Double Talk, I thought I might help you out with a few gift ideas.  Since the economic downturn,  everyone is talking about the 'high/low' of things.   I thought I would pass along a few 'high/low' gift ideas...
just in case I'm on your 'good' list ...
or in case my kids are wondering what to get Mom.

Gift idea #1: Yellow Tail, by Carrie Fell,  Acrylic/Oil on Board, framed


Audrey, Mom and I saw this guy 2 years ago at the Cowgirl Up Invitational Exhibition & Sale in Wikenburg, AZ.  He stopped me dead in my tracks and I still have drool on my chin!

l p1258052261

Gift Idea #2: "Fishbowl" by EyeBobs, strength: 1.75

The better to see you with, my dear.


Gift Idea #3: Louis Vuitton International Wallet

The International’s generous capacity makes it ideal for the busiest of lifestyles and provides easy access for 2 teenage boys on Monday mornings.   It looks the height of style in Monogram canvas. -Snap closure -10 credit card slots  (doesn't matter, they are all maxed out) -Two long compartments for bills and papers (this is where Jack & Sam hit the lottery on Monday mornings)

Louis Vuitton Wallets A003

Gift Idea #4: Love Your Lips Chap Stick, Peach Mint

In case the wallet chaps your wallet, the chap stick won't.

love your lips

That's it for today, Santa.  Hope this helps you out.  I'll post more for you later this week.




PS:  We want to advise you and your staff that Double D Ranch™ was able to complete and ship all of your orders in time for Christmas.  Thanks for the biz, Santa Baby!

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Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

I’m sure it is under the tree already!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

It would look fabulous in your dining room with your “dill pickle” paint color.

Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

Can we split the Carrie Fell piece?

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