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Friends From the Broadmoor

Friends From the Broadmoor

Friends from Double D Ranch's trunk show at the Broadmoor Hotel in beautiful Colorado Springs.

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Dusty - May 16, 2016

The Broadmoor is such a wonderful place to stay, I am ready for a weekend retreat!

SHELLI brockman shelli brockman - May 16, 2016

Colin and I did the trunk show at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs Colorado, which has three golf course and several pools. We were in one of their stores called Spirit of the West. We hit the nail right on the head. There was a huge insurance group there to listen to Laura Bush speak. We were so hoping to get a picture with her after the security guys checked the store out. Maybe we looked suspicious. At any rate, we had great sales and a lot of people. Our kind of day.

Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

What a wonderful place to visit! I could use a week at The Broadmoor right now !

Leah - May 16, 2016

Beautiful place, beautiful clothes- perfect combination. Wish I could escape there for a week! They make the best cosmopolitans!

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