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Editors are Forecasting: Medallion Necklaces

Editors are Forecasting: Medallion Necklaces

The eye blinding collection of Tsarist Russia's Imperial jewels and ecclesiastic bling were the subject of the traveling exhibition that came to Houston back in 1997. I stood in line one Sunday afternoon to see "The Jewels of the Romanovs: Treasures of the Russian Imperial Court".  I have always had a curiosity about the last Czar and his beautiful children, but the beauty and splendor of Russia's opulent past was the real draw.

Jump forward ten or so years...

l The powers that be in the fashion biz are forecasting bib necklaces followed up closely by bohemian styled medallion necklaces. I am working on a collection based on Duke Alexei Alexandrovich's 1871 visit to the US and his buffalo hunting foray with Custer and Bill Cody. What naturally evolved from my Sunday afternoon museum visit and current runway trends was Double D Ranch's Treasures of the Romanovs Tee. DDR's Treasure of the Romanovs Tee is a bohemian mix of faux jewels and chains. Some of the medallions are drawn from the Russian Imperial Court and others from an assortment of junk jewelry treasures I found second hand.  The pearled cross pendant at the bottom comes from the prayer notebook of Empress Alexandra Feodorvna (1798 -1860), wife of Nicholas I.

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