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September 22, 2009 1 min read 2 Comments

My design process starts the same with each collection:
  • First, I research what is happening on the runways in Paris, Milan, London, and New York.
  • Then, I look at what is happening on the street and at retail.
  • Next, I do a little history research.  I look at vintage textiles, embroideries, and key details for whatever the collection calls for. Many times this includes doing actual historical research into events and cultures of a specific period.
  • Finally, before I ever set down at the drawing board, I compile my 'Look Book'.  My 'Look Book' is a collection of everything that inspires me.  It usually includes magazine tears, runway shots, color poms, fabrications, key silhouettes, construction details, ephemera, etc. - just whatever excites me.  Only then, can I begin the actual design process.

My 'Look Books' have varied widely in the past.  Some are slam dunk, 'get 'er done' projects and some are very elaborate. I remember one particular season where I replaced every model's head with Annie Oakley's and placed a skeet rifle in their hands.  When Audrey saw it she said I had way too much time on my hands! Well, whether simple or elaborate, each 'Look Book' is very personal; it is what guides and inspires me during the design phase.  In the following posts, I am going to pull out some of my favorite pages from this season's Look Book.  It is called, The Royal Buffalo Hunt, by Double D Ranch. Enjoy!


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Carol Stoneburner
Carol Stoneburner

March 21, 2019

Very interesting as to what goes into designing a Collection. So completely researched. We gals appreciate all this. It makes each article of clothing have a special meaning and we know where your ideas came from. That’s the best part. It makes the items so special to us when we purchase them. This is why they often remain classics and are worn for years. We all appreciate you so much. Love the “behind the scenes.”

Jacque Johnson
Jacque Johnson

March 21, 2019

Pack #161that is going to be a GREAT collection and I haven’t even seen it yet. Talk about romance and giving me a “home where the Buffalo roam”.

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